Fun Gardening Activities

Growing your own herbs and vegetables is not only healthy it's fun! Here's a bunch of fun activities for you to try in your garden.

Starting your own Bucket Garden

Bucket gardens are so much fun! You can make them big or small, edible, colourful... there are many ways to be creative!

  1. Start your chosen herbs/veg/flowers from seed in little pots, or simply use your My Little Garden Seedlings!

  2. Time for the fun part! But first, punch or drill some holes in the bottom of your bucket for drainage.

  3. Now it’s time to decorate your bucket! Use paint, stickers, glue, pipe cleaners... be as creative you like!

  4. Fill your bucket with potting mix approx 5cm from the top then pat it down a little.

  5. Make small indentations in the potting mix then transplant your seedlings.

  6. Keep the soil moist and harvest and eat your herbs and veg, or pick your flowers, as often as you like!

Thank you to Living Fundraisers for sharing this activity.