Fun Gardening Activities

Growing your own herbs and vegetables is not only healthy it's fun! Here's a bunch of fun activities for you to try in your garden.

Build a Bird Bath

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Add a feature to your garden while also attracting birds to your garden by adding a bird bath. This pot and saucer bird bath is a great weekend project for the whole family.

You will need:

  • 3 terracotta flower pots (small, medium & large)

  • 2 terracotta saucers (small & large)

  • Maxi grip glue

  • Spray paint - range of colours

To make:

  1. Spray each pot and saucer in chosen colours. Apply thin coats and allow to dry. Keep applying until desired colour and coverage are achieved. Allow to dry completely.

  2. Place the large pot upside down on a firm surface. Apply glue to the base of the large pot and attach the medium to to it so the base of the medium pot is facing up. Repeat this by applying glue to the base of the medium pot and attaching the small pot. Allow to dry completely.

  3. Apply glue to the base of the small bot (top of the pot stack) and attach the largest saucer onto it. Make sure to centre it. Allow to dry completely.

  4. Apply glue to part of the outer edge of the large saucer and attach the small saucer onto this area. Allow to dry completely.

  5. Once the bird bath i stable and all glue has dried, you can move your bird bath to its new position in the garden. Fill both saucers with water and wait for the birds to arrive and enjoy splashing in their new bath.

Thank you to Living Fundraisers for sharing this activity.