Fun Gardening Activities

Growing your own herbs and vegetables is not only healthy it's fun! Here's a bunch of fun activities for you to try in your garden.

Starting your own Tyre Garden

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Recycle your old tyres and at the same time brighten up your home, school or childcare centre with a colourful, low-maintenance tyre garden.

  1. Paint or spray paint used tyres in colours of your choice using a waterproof paint.

  2. Allow to dry then arrange your tyres in colourful stacks in locations that get plenty of sun.

  3. Fill with potting mix then plant out your favourite hardy outdoor plants, herbs or veggies.

  4. Water and prune your plants as needed and if something needs to be transplanted or dies, simply replace it with something else!

Thank you to Living Fundraisers for sharing this activity.