Fun Gardening Activities

Growing your own herbs and vegetables is not only healthy it's fun! Here's a bunch of fun activities for you to try in your garden.

How to make a wicking garden bed

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

A wicking bed waters plants from below rather than above. It takes a little work to set up but is so worth it in the long run!

  1. Buy or build a raised garden bed then line with thick plastic.

  2. Lay PVC pipe across the base of your bed. This needs holes drilled into it to allow water flow. Connect the pipe at a right angled bend and continue to the top of the bed.

  3. Fill to 30-40cm from the top with Scorria (stones). Be careful when filling the bed not to tear the plastic.

  4. Drill through the side of the bed and insert a piece of pipe as an overflow to allow excess water to drain off just above the level of Scorria. Add a layer of geotech fabric to prevent the soil from muddying the water.

  5. Fill to the top with good quality veggie growing soil then fill the bed with water down the protruding pipe until water is coming out of the overflow. Plant out the bed with your favourite herbs or veg. Remember to mulch. The beds will then ‘wick’ water from the reservoir at the base of the bed and should only need filling once or twice a week.

Thank you to Living Fundraisers for sharing this activity.