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School Resources

Food Rainbow Activity

This fun activity is a great way to teach kids that foods come in a variety of colours and that a healthy diet involves choosing lots of different coloured fruits and veggies. View project here. Download printable activity sheet.

Bucket Gardens

Bucket gardens are so much fun! You can make them big or small, edible, colourful... there are many ways to be creative! View project here. Download printable activity sheet.

Building a Worm Farm

A worm can eat its own weight in food every day! Setting up a worm farm is a great way to reduce your schools food waste and nourish your schools garden. View project here. Download printable activity sheet.

Wicking Garden Beds

A wicking bed waters plants from below rather than above. It is a great science project which doubles as a gardening lesson too. View project here.

Tin Can Planters

If you're wanting to teach your students about recycling, gardening or just want a great craft project, then why not try these fun Tin Can Planters. View Project here. Download printable activity sheet.

Pita Bread Pizzas

Kids love making their own pizzas, and they are the perfect way to use all the produce grown in the school garden. View project here. Download printable activity sheet.

Tyre Planters

Tyres make great sturdy... and cheap garden beds. Brighten up your school with these colourful, low maintenance tyre planters. View activity here.

Thank you to our sponsors Living Fundraisers for sharing these activities

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